About Us

The group's chartered psychologists continue to offer a wide range of expert evidence and specialisms to the courts, legal profession, police service, charities and public bodies. Reports and expert witness evidence have been provided for courts and tribunals in England, Wales, Scotland, Australia, the UK and US immigration authorities and the European Court of Human Rights.

Members of the Psychologists at Law Group provide teaching on university master's degrees in forensic psychology and regularly run workshops in 'specialised investigative interviewing'. Specific areas of psychological expertise include: clinical, occupational, forensic, educational, and neuropsychology.

As providers of expert evidence the Psychologists at Law are a professional group of independent practitioners, providing evidence and opinion within the legal field. Using their combined skills as a group of forensic psychologists the group have also provided reports and expert evidence to Courts and Tribunals in Australia.


The senior psychologists within this practice are listed below. Please click on their names for further information on their specialisms and experience.

      Prof. Robert Edelmann | David Morgan | Dr. Bryan Tully

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